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Just Be Hue is a cool school supply brand created out of the need to shine a light on the positive impacts, HUEniqueness, and Black excellence in our community.

The journey began in 2016 with founders and then newlyweds Terrence & Monique Price. While attending college, the dynamic duo found an innovative & fun way to empower the youth by creating motivational school supplies.

Here at Just Be Hue™️, we believe that representation matters. That is why we are dedicated to providing more positive and empowering images of the Black community. We are often purposely perpetuated in the media negatively and stereotypically, so this is our way of counteracting and changing those narratives.

Our mission is to create inspirational products that not only encourage learning but also help boost self-confidence. We know that visual images significantly impact how we think, act, and perceive ourselves; that is why our characters are diverse in skin tones, facial features, and hair textures. The images on our items also display various career paths, backgrounds, and passions so that our youth are aware of their options and are not limited in their route to success. Join our community today and be a part of those that are creating and being the change we want to see.


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